10.10.2016; Assignment 6

October showers let me take a break (a)
From thawing under flames of summer sun. (b)
The last exhale of smoke when day is done (b)
Will help me quench the never-ending ache (a)
That wakes me in the mornings with a shake; (a)
It is the pain that says I need to run (b)
Towards the looks that I desire to shun. (b)
A crave for time will never become slaked, (a)
And life is always just a pointless spell(c)
For something that can never be achieved. (d)
How lovely would it be to kill that spleen (e)
And in my mind to stop this dreadful bell! (c)
I wish that buses never had the speed (d)
To force me to get up at 8:15! (e)


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